Earn hundreds a month in extra income with these free sites

Do you fill out surveys online? Do you take surveys for cash? Do you like to get paid for filling out internet surveys by PayPal? Do you like to get paid for filling out surveys by check? Do you like the idea of making money from home or wherever you log onto the internet in your spare time?

I have been doing surveys long enough to have seen many low quality sites, been rejected from surveys, paid to join a site and been ripped off, done surveys to never get paid for them etc. I still love surveys though and I decided to help other people to navigate beyond the bad sites to the promised land. These sites have paid me thousands of dollars for taking surveys and you can cash in as well!


The sites below are all free to join and use. Most offer some bonus money just to register. Most offer payment through PayPal, the best type in my opinion. But most importantly of all, I have joined, used and successfully cashed out with all of them. So I know they are for real and can confidently promote them to you.


Look through the list and choose a few. Register, confirm and fill out the profile sections to qualify yourself for surveys. Then take some time to get to know the sites. Take the surveys you are interested in or invited to. Decline the surveys you don’t think are worth the time or seem boring. Quit the sites you do not enjoy and sign up for a new one in its place. Stay active and find your groove. You can average $12-15 an hour while doing this. If you want to earn more it will take a bit of time to learn. So start joining sites, and good luck!

– $5 minimum reward
– all ‘swagbucks’ are redeemable for PayPal deposit or retailer gift cards
– earn swagbucks from searching the net, playing games, watching videos, taking surveys, completing offers…
– Gift cards from a lot of places – facebook, walmart, target…huge selection of retailers in lots of categories
– They are currently giving a $10 bonus for joining!
– members wanted from US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, France and Australia
read a full review of Swagbucks
register free to join Swagbucks here

– $5 minimum reward
– reward by PayPal, paper check, gift cards
– earn money to test new products
– earn money to take surveys and polls
– most surveys between $1 and $5 to complete
– members wanted from US, UK, Canada and Australia
read a full review of Toluna
register free to join Toluna

– $30 cash out threshold, offering $5 bonus to join
– rewards in PayPal, check or various gift cards
– watch videos, take surveys, shopping cash back, play games
– $59 million paid to members since 2000
– members wanted from US
register free to join InboxDollars

Branded Surveys
– $10 minimum cash out threshold , 100 points = $1
– reward by PayPal, Amazon, gift cards or donate to charity
– earn points to complete surveys, use Groupon or by accepting free/paid offers
– get started with a bonus of $3.50 just for registration
– notifies by email for survey opportunities
– members wanted from USA
– this site especially needs more male members, male members can expect above average survey invites
read a full review of MintVine
register free at Branded Surveys

– NO minimum cash out threshold
– reward by paper check
– every survey worth at least $1
– high paying surveys for technical fields of expertise i.e. IT, banking, business management and many others
– notifies by email of a survey opportunity
– industry leading referral program to increase earnings if interested
– members wanted from US and Canada
– read a full review of SurveySavvy
Register free at SurveySavvy

– $15 cash out threshold
– rewards by PayPal
– guaranteed survey every day of at least $.10
– no survey over five minutes long
– choose many ways to be notified of surveys
– members wanted worldwide
read a full review of PaidViewpoint
register for free at PaidViewpoint

3 Quick Ways to Qualify for More Surveys and get screened out less

2 great survey sites that will never disqualify you


About More Income, Better Lifestyle

We are husband and wife, parents of two boys. As residents of Denver CO we enjoy hiking, rockhounding, camping and generally being immersed in nature. Our blogs grow out of an enthusiastic desire to provide our family access to the best this world has to offer. We want this for you and yours as well. Paul is currently an electrician by day. He has been a handyman, author, US Army intelligence analyst, warehouse supervisor, project manager, small business owner, fence builder, printing press operator and more. Marian schools one of our boys at home by day. She teaches do it yourself crafting classes as well. She has been a pizza parlor manager, a licensed insurance agent, a leasing agent, automobile assembler and more.
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    You forgot my favorite site.


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    I want to learn how to get started


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    have you heard of prizerebel.com? if not can you do a review?


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