Is InstaGC a good site to earn extra income online?

I found this site late last year. I have a few referrals and try to click some ads a few times a week. I have redeemed $15.20 in direct deposit to my bank account and $35 in iTunes egift cards in the seven months I have been active on the site. I know I could easily make $1 a day if I spent any time on the site at all. Usually I make a push right before I get to the cash out amount but try to explore the site for opportunities at least a few times a week. Here are my stats.

InstaGC stats

InstaGC makes it very easy to navigate the site and they have a great live chat window for members going all the time on the right side of the screen. Below that is a ticker that details offers paying out to members at that moment. This is a really neat combo to talk to other users about what easy money there is on the site at that time and see the ticker to follow what offers are paying out. I have followed conversations in the chat with advise that yielded great results.

InstaGC homepage

One of the best things about InstaGC is that it is completely free to use. By not spending money on a membership to the site, I don’t have to feel bad if I neglect to visit, and I don’t feel like I absolutely have to earn a certain minimum amount on the site each day, week or month.

I make additional passive income on InstaGC by recruiting referrals to join the site. For every person you get to register to the site you earn ten cents to your account. In addition, you will earn a commission of 10% on everything that your referral earns on the site. So the member I signed up under has earned almost a dollar a month from my activities on the site. Now imagine if you have 100 or even 1000 referrals. That is a great potential passive income opportunity there. Well, InstaGC provides an easy link for just that purpose. They want you to attract users to their site and have structured the payout this way to help keep the site growing. Share your link in Facebook groups, on Google +, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkdin, blog comments, forums, anywhere you can think of and start making serious money from referrals.

If you think you might be interested in making a little easy money or put in some time and effort to try making a substantial amount, InstaGC is worth a free look. Register here.

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